Everything you need to know about the Roland TR-707


The Roland TR-707 is the TR-909s little brother. While the two are similar in many ways, the TR-707 comes as a step down from the TR-909 in that it has fewer features, though some would argue the majority of the samples, either sound identical or are of the same quality. While perhaps not as versatile as some other drum machines in the Roland line, this particular drum machine was made with certain users in mind. Are you one of those users? Let’s find out.

It’s Cost-Effective

This is, without a doubt, the drum machine’s biggest advantage. While perhaps not the cheapest drum machine on the market (you can always find something cheaper), its cost is great about its overall quality. If a more expensive installment in the Roland line sounds good to you, though you find its list of features to be a bit longer than what you need, this might be the drum machine for you.

It Has a Nice Matrix Display

I won’t call it sheet music, but the Roland TR-707’s drum machine has a great, easy-to-read display that maps out your tracks as they play. This allows the user to keep an eye on which sound is playing when and what sound each drum tone is responsible for, making it easier to go back and edit your music accordingly.

It Lacks Programming Options

This is the only real drawback to this model and is what’s responsible for bringing the price down. Outside of adjusting the volume levels on each drum tone, users don’t have many programming options. You’ll have a tough time changing the sound of drum tones, which may be a real drawback for some folks though it all comes down to needs and priorities.

Who the Roland TR-707 is Best Suited Toward

If you’re working in a professional setting, or if you’re working in a casual setting in which you’d like to accomplish some great musical feats, the Roland TR-707 may not be your best option. If; however, you find other Roland systems have an abundance of programming options you know you’ll never use, the TR-707 might be a good choice for you – there’s no need paying for features you don’t need.